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Holly and Phillip Meet Samantha the Sex Robot | This Morning

                                                     Synthea Amatus

Earlier this year, company Synthea Amatus debuted ‘Samantha’, a life-sized, AI-powered silicon sex doll. 

‘Samantha’ recently made waves on British TV show This Morning, where a mild debate ensued over the controversial product. The show’s host, Phillip, even remarked that interactions with the doll must be like “making love to a car GPS.” 

Indeed—with its robotic voice, the doll is much like an R-rated ‘Siri’. 

Controversy aside, ‘Samantha’ is now officially on sale in the UK, but will cost interested buyers a staggering US$4,700 for the luxury of a ‘G-spot sensor’, ‘natural’ skin texture and even a ‘Family’ setting for when the kids are around. 

What’s more, ‘Samantha’ has friends; Synthea Amatus is selling a blonde ‘Maya’ and brunette ‘Simone’ doll for variety. Each doll comes in non-AI versions at a lower price point of US$3,070—but don’t expect these models to speak about philosophy the way the AI versions can. 

According to the company, at least 30 dolls have already been sold. 

Watch ‘Samantha’ get introduced on This Morning below, and view the doll eerily posed in a variety of normal, everyday situations. 

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